Full Life Cycle Recruiting

HR on a call using a full life cycle approach to finding recruiting the best talent available to our clients. Full life cycle Recruiting is 360˚approach recruitment, which allows your hiring process to run smoothly, more effectively, and results in the best candidates to fill their staffing needs.

Our full lifecycle Recruiting service is ideal for organizations that do not have the internal human resources, companies that want to reduce the time-intensive effect on existing staff as well as for companies that are looking for a direct resource rent. We can handle as much of the hiring process, as you would like. We have many years of success in a wide range of staffing positions for a wide range of industries.

How does this work

Strategy: Our Strategy process begins with understanding your organization, your goals personnel and immediate job openings. We are developing a strategy to set your specific needs at the center of our attention. Determination of the components of each item, are most important to your organization and develop a strategy to achieve the best candidates to meet these needs.

Service: This is where we put this strategy into practice. Using the best strategy for the organization of the sources may include traditional and non-traditional, on-line and off-line approaches to target the candidates that best fit your needs.

Evaluation skills: information is then screened against the key accountability (identified during the stage of the strategy). We talk to selected candidates for further confirmation of their background, experience and skills a good match for the position and for your organization. The skills assessment not only includes an interview, but may also include work-related skills testing and workplace behavior profiles.

Selection: The best candidates are selected and presented to you. We will examine each candidate you for your contribution and make the legs work, to schedule an interview with the candidates you and your team recruitment. The final decision on the choice of the candidate is always up to you – we just take the headache out of the process!

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