How to Build Good Quality Organic-Backlinks?

How to Build Good Quality Organic-Backlinks?

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As we know keyword phrase or search query is the most important factor in SEO. The second most important factor in SEO is backlink. A Backlink that you earn naturally will help to boost your rank in SERP and such links are known as organic backlink. On the other hand, the link which can earn through link exchange tricks or black hat techniques affect your search ranking badly. Now the question arises, how good to build quality organic backlink.


If you create authentic knowledgeable content for your website to other people refer your site link to their website, blog or social profile. In this way you get a backlink. These links are known as organic backlink. Such backlink you find help in the following way.

  • Increase Domain Authority.
  • Increase your traffic.
  • Improve Your Search Ranking.

How to build good quality organic backlink?

To make organic backlink is not a difficult task. You can do this by creating original useful content and share them social media, forms and Q & A websites. There are numbers of methods to build organic backlinks. Here I’ll explain 4 proven tricks that help to build good quality organic backlink.

1. Write quality content.

All factors related to ranking change with the time and requirement. The only ranking factor and remains unchanged in all ranking factor best, is the quality of content. If you write authentic knowledgeable content, other bloggers will refer your site link in their site or blog post or in social media. In this way you will get good quality organic backlink. Here I give an example from Wikipedia site. Domain Authority of Wikipedia page is 100 and have anormous backlink. The reason for this is the quality of the content of this website. Almost all bloggers and site owner refer Wikipedia in their content due to the quality of its content.

2. Social Media

Now a days, social media contributing a lot to bring traffic to your site. Social signal that you gain from social media not only help you to rank higher but also helps to provide you organic backlink. You can get organic backlink from social media by adding your link in the bio section.

3. Community participation

All of us know that participation in the community in social life helps to know each other and some people may become your fan, due to your personality or the way you work. Similarly, participating in online community, which is to your niche can help each other to bring them closer. People in online community may refer you in their content, social profile or website. In this way, you can earn google quality organic backlink.

4. Use of Infographic, Images, and Videos.

If you create good quality infographics, photos, then you can get a lot of traffic and backlinks. There are numbers of websites that reflect popular images, videos and infographics in their content. While referring your images, videos, and infographic, these sites add your link with it and in favour, you got a backlink.

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